Student and Teacher Expectations

Requirements for First Degree students and teachers are explained below.

Student Requirements and Responsibilities

  1. The most important responsibility of a student of NorthWind is that they devote time and effort to studies. Several months, generally a year and a day, are required to complete the requirements for First Degree.
  2. A magickal diary must be kept by the student as well as a file of the material covered in class and a “Book of Shadows,” that being a collection of the rituals of the tradition.
  3. You must spend time studying and developing skills. Since the critical factor in acquiring magickal skills is the time spent practicing them, each student is required to spend at least 40 hours, outside of class time, on their magickal studies. If a record is kept in the magickal diary mentioned in the first item, compliance with this requirement is easily demonstrated.
  4. At or before initiation, the student must demonstrate at least some of the skills being taught.
  5. The student is obligated to pay the costs of all educational materials. Barter of all sorts is acceptable in lieu of cash.
  6. Charges will be made for photo copies of learning materials.
  7. Students working by mail must put $10 or $15 in “escrow” to pay for postage and envelope costs as well as photocopies. Should costs rise higher, the student will be notified.
  8. The student should seal the agreement to enter into the study with a pledge gift. This need not be of any great value. It’s purpose is primarily symbolic. It is the legal requirement for a contract to exist and it should strongly symbolize the determination of the student to seriously enter into the study. It is the material aspect of the commitment required for the study of the Craft.
  9. Appear at all scheduled class meetings or call as far in advance as possible to advise of inability to attend and to arrange alternate times. Students studying at a distance should either discuss each lesson in a letter or email, or call and talk it over with the teacher.

Teacher Requirements and Responsibility

  1. To share impressions of the student’s progress with them on a regular basis, preferably every third or fourth meeting or lesson.
  2. Make time on a regular and agreed upon basis with the student.
  3. Prepare a series of progressive assignments for the student and ensure that materials needed are at hand.
  4. Provide clear standards of skill, decorum and ethics.
  5. Take the responsibility that the student receives initiation when qualified.
  6. Provide a graduation gift to symbolize the accomplishment and the end of the student/teacher relationship.
  7. Provide several follow-up sessions to answer questions and evaluate training. More questions will arise once the skills are put into independent use.

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