Online Student Responsibilities

Quite a few individuals wish to study for First or Second Degree initiations through the mail or over the Internet. This option is strictly limited to those who live too far from a NorthWind initiate to study in person.

The motivation for assaying and completing a degree by correspondence must come from the student him/herself. While a NorthWind initiate accepts the responsibility of being your teacher, he or she cannot provide the impetus to make you read the classes and complete the assignments.

The student also must be conscientious about doing rituals at the appropriate time all by him/herself. The requirements for First Degree Initiation are not reduced for correspondence students — indeed, they may be more strict.

The NorthWind First Degree course isn’t set up as a correspondence course but we do accept students who can’t be in regular personal attendance because of geographical or employment restrictions. Because there are so many new students coming into the Craft while the old limitation of too few qualified teachers is still noticeably present, we feel an obligation to accept serious students wherever they may life. However, studying by correspondence means that you and your teacher will have to work out methods which are effective for you. No matter who your teacher is and however hard he or she tries, it all depends upon you.

YOU have to read each class carefully. Your teacher expects you to write or call and ask questions about anything that wasn’t clear – and to discuss your reactions if you can’t think of any questions. Classes may be supplemented with online chats or phone calls, as available.

Your teacher will do his or her best to help you with your studies, but it really depends on you. You have to develop regular work habits–you have to tell yourself that itís time for class. No one if going to call you in or remind you. You must work to keep a useful dialogue going with your teacher.

We know that it is hard to keep sending things off to this big blue thing and hope that some sort of contact will be made. It is hard for your teacher too – he or she has to somehow use letters and an occasional phone call to give him or her enough information to know whether or not you are getting it. Your teacher may even have to judge your readiness for initiation and after all the work and worry of teaching you — find another Priest/ess and let them have the fun of doing your initiation.

On an easier note — to begin your studies you should send at least $15.00 to cover copying and postage for the first few classes. Your teacher will send them with a note on how much they cost. You should also send tapes or money order and postage to Grey Cat for the tapes. You are responsible for letting your teacher know when you need more classes and for sending money to cover your bill for copying and postage promptly. Should your teacher be unsatisfied with your work, further mailings may be suspended for the time being.

As a correspondence student, you can go as fast or as slowly as you want to. But remember, you have to be a self-starter. You are even responsible for keeping your teacher on the job — not the other way around.

Correspondence students are urged to attend any of the NorthWind camp-outs they can possibly make. Visiting with your teacher would be another good thing to try to do at least once during your studies.

Your first degree initiator must be granted by either a NorthWind Second Degree Initiate or a High Priest/ess of a compatible Wiccan tradition in your area. If it is completely impossible for you to get to member of NorthWind, let your teacher know and he or she and other members will help you find someone near you.

Any student working without physical presence should plan to present:

  1. Photograph of self in ritual robe.
  2. Photograph of athame.
  3. Photograph of altar or ritual site set up for NorthWind ritual.
  4. Account of ritual done, how done, who attended, what happened.
  5. Submit ritual book or photo or Xerox of page or two.
  6. Full account of Vision Quest.
  7. Answer questions, tests, or other requirements set by your teacher.

You are also responsible for almost all of the requirements listed for regular, in-person students. Exceptions are such things as attending classes, etc.

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