First Degree Requirements

1. Complete all classes, making up any which are missed.

  • A list of classes follows. The exact list of classes and the order in which they are taught is determined by your teacher. The governing houses of NorthWind review your teacher is program regularly to see that our standards are fulfilled.

2. Have a ritual robe.

  • The color and design are up to you.

3. Have an athame (knife) with a cutting edge.

  • Prepare the ritual site for a specific ritual without help. There are written instructions to follow. All First Degree Students work as altar guild for a time.

4. Lead one of the written rituals of NorthWind.

5. Be competent in one form of divination.

  • That is, you must have studied the method, preferably one of the more tangible methods such as Tarot, Astrology, I Chine or Runes and have thoroughly familiarized yourself with the interpretations. this is not to imply that you must have memorized half the book. You will be allowed to refer to written material in the actual reading.

6. Find your magickal name.

7. Maintain ethical and inter-personal standards acceptable to the Priest/ess and other members of the Coven. (FC-101)

8. Undertake one field of independent study approved by your teacher.

  • This may result in a report of five or more pages. Reports should be prepared in accordance with submission of college level reports with all quoted material indicated and acknowledged. You may prefer to present a demonstration of the development of a suitable skill such as herbal preparations, drumming, etc.

9. Write down the basic ritual of NorthWind in suitable form for effective use.

  • Choose a suitable blank book or small notebook and write the frame of ritual in it. I suggest that you use a very intense black pen and that you spray each page with a fixative (artistís fixative or hair spray) so that it will be readable by candlelight and dew or sprinkles will not ruin the pages.

10. Do a vision question of at least 24 hours duration.

11. Keep a magickal journal.

  • This is approximately diary form, but should not be kept as an account of how you spent your day. It need not be added to each day. In it you should note such things as what you have learned on your own with regard to magick and/or personal growth, things from books which you think youíll want to use later, results of meditations, dreams, and so on. For some individuals, this is a Book of Shadows; for others it is not.

In addition, the following must be shown to your teacher:

  1. A few examples of your code of ethics (see lesson 2).
  2. A 1/2 to 3 pages discussion of the First Law (And it harm none, do as you will).
  3. Your journal–actually some example pages of it, either the actual pages, or copies or excerpts.
  4. Some confirmation that you have put the principles of the Law of the Wicca, a suitable set of ethics, and progress toward a personal balance to work in your life. You will have to figure out for yourself how to show this.
  5. Do a reading using your chosen system of divination either in person or on a tape.
  6. Full presentation of your independant study project to the HP.
  7. Lunation or other calendar work out for at least 2 months.
  8. At the discretion of the teacher, a test may be given.

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