Wiccan Degrees

A Degree within a Wiccan context is a ritually conveyed recognition of accomplishment within the Craft and a way of expressing indescribable experiences in personal growth. It is also a mark of learning, in the same way a Bachelors from a college or university is an accomplishment. Continuing the college degree analogy, a First Degree might be a Bachelors, a Second Degree a Masters, and a Third Degree a Ph.D. In many cases, a Second Degree and a Third Degree take the same amount of time to complete as a graduate degree. NorthWind offers a range of Degree Studies.

We recognize that no tradition can possibly hope to accomodate everyone. To this end, we encourage our members and students to explore other Paths and Traditions, so they can find the appropriate Path for their growth. Any student, in any Degree or Dedicant program, can decide to stop studying at any time. If a student wishes to discontinue studying, for whatever reason, the teacher must be notified of the student’s wishes.

Studying for a degree is not something that should be undertaken lightly. It requires a strong dedication to the chosen course of study. If a student has any doubts about his or her level of commitment or desire to complete the course work, he or she should should seriously consider what the reasons for study.

Within NorthWind, initiation usually follows completion of all requirements for a Degree. Initiation takes into consideration the changes the studies have caused in the student, as well as the changes the student wishes to see in the future.

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