NorthWind is hierarchical but non-authoritarian. That is, we are highly structured and organized, but have very little “dogma.” NorthWind operates under bylaws established with the cooperative work of all members and adopted by vote of the membership. A Council of Uncommons is elected from among all the membership to govern NorthWind in all secular or mundane matters. The Blue Council is made up of NorthWind’s High Priests/esses and some Second Degree students to oversee the non-secular ideals of the Tradition.

Members are admitted with great care. We have a high commitment to scholarship and standards, and accept hard work and dedication to the service of the Community of the Stone People. We require total respect towards other paths and feel that magick without manners is unacceptable.

There are extremely few absolute rules and no one is ever told which Gods or Goddesses to worship, exactly how that worship is to be done, or what they must believe. We usually work robed, although street clothes or skyclad are both used from time to time. We have agreed to wear coordinated tabards over our robes (which may be of any color) merely as a method of expressing group unity. First Degree Initiates wear gold tabards, Second Degree Initiates wear any shade of blue tabard which they please; and Third Degrees are like 1,000 lb. gorillas [Sister and Daughter Covens are at liberty to choose other colors or to use no tabards at all.]

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