Inter-Tradition Guidelines: Law

By: Lady Rhiannon of Serpentstone, Lady Cassandra of the Temple of Hecate Triskele, Lady Grey Cat of Northwind, Lady Silver Ravenwolf of Black Forest and Grandfather Michael Ragan.

Law is essentially an aspect of culture. Each society possesses its own distinct culture of standard modes of action. The Craft, as a culture of its own, came to recognize what we shall call “Universal Laws” as those actions and reactions that naturally function within our Universe. Other laws were established to specify the authority of the Priesthood, interaction of the group, and most importantly the method of operation of the Coven. Still others of the past were established as means of survival within a decidedly hostile world.

19th century Craft Law was an extensive list of does and don’ts that reflected back into the “Burning Times.” Most of the early listings of Law included in excess of 250 individual admonitions. Each and every one was valid for its time. As time passed, some of the old admonitions were dropped, some forgotten, some modified according to the individual tastes or desires of this group or that. Today there are those that would recognize only the Wiccan Rede, seemingly unmindful of any other rules of order. Therein lies the problem. Many no longer seem aware of the standard set of procedures required to maintain a strong and viable community.

What we present here is what we feel are the minimum requirements for good order and continued high standards of training and community interaction. These are not new Laws. Rather they are the Laws of Old brought forward though perhaps stated in more appropriate modern terms. For easiest understanding, we shall state the Law in three sections; Universal Law, Coven Law and the Code of Honor. Coven Law as the mode of operations should be understood as both internal and external to a specific group. “Code of Honor” is how we should interact with others on a personal basis. Bear in mind that what we give is by no means “all-inclusive.” Rather it is what we see as the minimum required for good order.

Universal Law:

  1. Honor is the Law and Love is the Bond.
  2. So it harm none, live according to Will.
  3. Whatever action you take will return three-fold.
  4. Judge not the path of brother or sister for all paths are sacred.
  5. Revere each living thing for all life is sacred.
  6. Reveal not sacred teachings to the unworthy, lest it be used against you.
  7. Observe the Sacred Days in Holy Rite.
  8. In all things be truthful.
  9. Observe chivalry in all things, for honesty, respect and courage are the marks of the truly wise.

Coven Law:

  1. The High Priestess (and/or High Priest) has supreme authority in the Coven.
  2. The Priest and Priestess are due all honor for they represent the Gods and serve as spiritual Father and Mother.
  3. The Elders are due all honor and respect for they are the teachers of your teachers and your Grandmother and Grandfather.
  4. Reveal not sacred knowledge.
  5. Reveal not the names and identities of those in the Coven to outsiders.
  6. Leave not the Circle without the permission of the Priest/ess.
  7. Heed the call of brother or sister in need.
  8. If a member betrays the group they must return all sacred material and should be banned.
  9. None may enter the Circle without approval of Priest/ess.
  10. Enter not the Circle uncleansed. You must be clean in body, mind and spirit.
  11. Persons under the influence of drugs or alcohol are not permitted in sacred space.
  12. Coven business stays within the Coven.
  13. Allow not dissenters in your midst.
  14. Only the Priest/ess may determine when the student is ready for initiation or elevation.
  15. A Priest/ess shall not seek the student of another. However, there are times when, for a variety of reasons, a student needs to find a different teacher. In such cases, generally accepted Craft protocol is for the gaining teacher to coordinate with the former instructor, in-so-far as practicable.


  1. Chivalry must be followed by all (Honesty, bravery, generosity and kindness).
  2. One’s oath is one’s sacred pledge. Pledge sparingly, for it must be as iron.
  3. Speak no ill of another for all truth may not be known.
  4. Pass not hearsay.
  5. Be honest with all – and demand the same.
  6. The fury of a moment plays folly with truth. Keeping one’s head is a virtue.
  7. Wisdom brings power. Apply discretion in it’s use.
  8. Pledge friendship to those who warrant. To strengthen your brother or sister brings strength to you. Pledging friendship to the dishonorable brings dishonor to you.
  9. Reveal not the secrets of others, lest your own secrets be lost.
  10. Have pride in self. Seek perfection in body and mind, for you cannot honor another unless you first honor self.
  11. In all things, moderation.
  12. Revere the God(s) and Goddess(es) of your tradition.
  13. Respect the religion of others.
  14. Accept the Laws of return (Karma).
  15. Accept personal responsibility.
  16. Respect the Laws of the Gods, humankind and Nature.
  17. Be loyal to your Coven, your High Priest and High Priestess, the Elders and your Craft brothers and Sisters.
  18. Revere the Natural World.
  19. Respect the inner self.
  20. Honor your succession of teachers.

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