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July 30, 2012 nwadmin Trad

Since the passing of our founder, Grey Cat, earlier this year the Blue Council of NorthWind Tradition of American Wicca is working toward the continuance of our Tradition and maintaining the community of its members. As part of this initiative, we are updating, and bringing current, our membership list as well as seeking your valuable input on how NorthWind Tradition can best serve you. In the future, we may also use this list to solicit your vote on issues affecting the Tradition.

In order to help determine the future direction of the Tradition, as well as determining our current number of members and other demographics, we have put together the survey below. Please feel free to distribute this survey to those members (and prospective members). If you have been a NorthWind member in the past or are interested in being a member, please provide the following information and return to: All respondents should copy and past the questions into an email (versus an attached file). Please also share this request for information with all other members and potential members that you know of. If you forward, please cc: so that we can have an idea of who may be responding.

The information that you provide will not be shared or otherwise disseminated outside of NorthWind Tradition, or used for any other purpose than to build an accurate membership list and for input on the direction of Tradition efforts and initiatives in the future.  We look forward to receiving your responses.  If there are items that you do not wish to answer, leave them blank and complete the other items.  If you have questions about this survey, please email

Craft name:
Currently a member of NorthWind Tradition (NW)? Y/N
If so, do you wish to continue as a member of NW? Y/N
If not, do you wish to be a member of NW? Y/N

Contact Information – please provide at least one if you wish to be a member of NW –
Email Address:
Mailing Address (or just city/state if you don’t wish to provide full address):
Telephone Number:

Initiatory Degrees
Are you an initiate of NW? Y/N
If yes, please complete the following:
NW Degrees attained:
Date (approximate date is fine), location, and initiator for each NW degree:

Are you currently in process of attaining a NW degree? Y/N
If yes, which degree are you working on and who is your mentor?

Are you interested in working toward a NW degree? Y/N
If yes, please indicate which degree:

Initiations in other magical groups (optional)
Please provide information regarding any initiations attained in magical groups outside of NW.
Group/Tradition name:
Initiatory degree/level:
Approximate date and initiator:

Magical path and skills
Please concisely describe your magical path, interests, skills, etc.:

NorthWind Initiatives and Activities
How can NorthWind Tradition best serve its members?  What are you looking for from NorthWind?

Are there specific activities you would like for NW to provide?

Would you be interested in receiving, and/or contributing to, a NW newsletter?

What else would you like for us to know?


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